My Story

Cooking Harmony is dedicated to people that have lactose- and gluten intolerance. Here you will find some mouthwatering recipes and knowledge that will help you harmonize your body and feel energetic and well balanced every day.

I’m 29 years old and I was diagnosed with Lupus a few months ago. It started out with constant tiredness, joint pain and a little tiredness and pain under my feet, but then it went downhill, very fast, from there, and I ended up in a wheelchair. This meant that I would not be able to work within the hospitality industry for a while, and possibly never again. I had to stay at home and change my lifestyle if I wanted to stand upright again.
It soon became clear that food was making me even sicker than I already was. The doctors found out that I had lactose intolerance and gluten- salt- and sugar sensitivity. This changed everything! I could not buy regular food anymore, because there was almost always something in it that my body would not tolerate. I have always loved cooking and baking, but now I suddenly found that very difficult too. I hardly had the energy to make all food from scratch and it was hard to get around the kitchen in a wheelchair. Still I was determent to try and find good recipes that would fit my diet and be enjoyable for my family at the same time, but it was a nightmare. Everything that my family was used to was no longer an option. However, I’m very stubborn and I don’t give up easily. I knew I had to change my diet, there was no question about it, otherwise I would never heal and never walk again.  For me that was just not an option. I knew there had to be some way to make this work so I tried harder.I decided to spend the little energy I had to make healthy and well balanced food for me and my family. I went on researching online and I read every cook book that I could get my hands on searching for good recipes. Then, I would spend most of my day trying out those recipes, altering my old once and sometimes even making new once if I found nothing that fitted my diet and my children taste butts. This really changed everything for the better. With healthy food, love from my family, good doctors and my mind set on making my body heal, as much as it could,I was walking again in two months.

This is why I started blogging. I figured that there must be a lot of other people faced with the same situation, or worse,  that might not have the time nor the energy to make their own recipes or spending the whole day altering other peoples recipes to fit their dietary needs. Therefore, I decided to share with you some of my mouthwatering recipes that have helped me harmonize my body and feel energetic and well balanced every day. You might also be able to find other peoples recipes that I find interesting along with a few food facts.

I hope you will enjoy my blog and the food that I will showcase for you.


2 thoughts on “My Story

    • Thank you Ken,

      The last year has really been a challenge but it´s starting to get better…for now at least 🙂 I hope that your friend has good doctors and will be able to enjoy life in-spite of Lupus. Perhaps my recipes can help her somewhat…

      With regards,

      Eva Rún


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